Unlocking the potential
of the world's data
Data Enablement Re-imagined

Find, govern, and access your data immediately.

Data Watchdog is a data enablement suite providing a universal access point for users to instantly find and access any data resource, in a compliant manner, from across your organisation.

Consume your data in the way you want

Data Watchdog operates in the way you do, so you can continue consuming your data as you normally do, or use the supermarket to find your data.

See all your data in one place

The data supermarket is fast, efficient and effective. Intelligent indexing lets you map all the data in your organisation, and our auto-tagging feature accelerates data labelling.

Monitor how your data is being used

Our supervision tools monitor all data requests, breaches, and policy enforcement to inform you how your data is being used.

Save significant time and money

Eliminate costs and time by intelligently automating numerous manual data governance and entitlements processes. Start using your data immediately.