The worlds first truly end-to-end data enablement solution.
Seamlessly unlock the full potential of your organisation’s data. Instantly access and dynamically govern any data asset, all with a simple search.
Data NOW


Our universal database connector seamlessly connects to all databases (on-premise and cloud).

Proprietary AI intelligently spiders and indexes your entire estate in minutes, without ever needing to touch the source.

Full security. Always.


Frictionless dynamic governance from a centralised portal.

Instantly apply governance policies across any segment of your data estate.

Full compliance. Everywhere.


Simply search for the data you want and access your entire estate, in real-time.

Intelligent data cloaking means users never access data they're not supposed to see.

Complete data. Instantly.

Why We're WCKD

Bypass Transformation

Say goodbye to multi-million-pound digital transformation projects.

Instant Simplicity

Replace complexity with a simple, unified end-to-end tool.

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Monetise your data and make better decisions with complete, realtime data.

Centralised Governance

Dynamically govern all of your data from one place.

Access Your Entire Estate

Access data across any collection of databases with a simple search.

Remove Unnecessary Costs

Save millions every year in data management costs.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product work with databases hosted both on-premise and in the cloud?
What databases does the product integrate with?
What authentication services do you integrate with?
Can the product dynamically tokenise or mask data when it is viewed by specific users or applications?
Is the solution envisaged for operational access or ad-hoc data mining?

Yes. This is a core feature of the product.

The product uses our proprietary AI to integrate with customers' entire data estate, whatever form, environment or location that it's in.

Our solution is designed to integrate with and support all mainstream databases.

We can build custom connectors for any database you have.

We have standard integrations for LDAP, Active Directory and Azure AD; and are continuously adding more.

We can build custom connectors for any specific authentication scheme.

Yes. This is a core feature of the product.

Data WatchDog's policy enforcement engine authenticates the user and ensures that they are only able to access data that they are entitled in compliance with all policies.

Both. The product is designed to be a unified solution for instant, real-time data access across the entire estate.

We are a read-only solution to provide full assurance over data security. Data writing capability to be explored in further developments to the product, subject to demand.