Data Watchdog

The Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data. It’s easy to install and even easier to use, start unlocking the value of your data immediately.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Indexing

Data Watchdog connects to all your databases to collate and visualise your data. Our proprietary ML auto-tagging tool augments your organisation’s data catalogues for intelligent and efficient access.

Data Now

Find and access all your data in a single place. Our Data Now front enables you to browse data assets, through the Data Supermarket, or request any data source from across your organisation, with instant access.

Policy Enforcement

Whether you access your data through your usual applications or through our supermarket, Our policy enforcement tool manages compliance to all your data governance policies for all data requests from one place.

Data Cloaking

Manage the privacy of your data with our selection of unique data cloaking techniques. Data Watchdog doesn’t touch, transform or duplicate your original data sources.


Our supervision module provides you a selection of dashboards, alerts, and reporting tools to allow you to monitor how your data is being used.