Unlock the potential of your data

The Data Enablement Suite that unlocks the potential of your organisation’s data. It’s easy to install and even easier to use, start unlocking the value of your data immediately.

Cloud adoption

Appropriate data access control is the number one concern for enterprises considering migrating to the cloud.There can be conflicting authorization requirements, data governance policies, and metadata required depending on the location and jurisdiction. This can lead to substantial liabilities and this in turn can limit the use of your mission-critical data in certain parts of the world. Data Watchdog provides a cloud migration solution that ensures consistency of data access and security throughout your cloud migration journey.Data Watchdog allows you to connect to your data wherever it lives, on premise, in the cloud or both, transparently providing the appropriate data access controls and policy governance in one place.We also audit all data activity across all platforms to ensure you are aware of the impact of any policies you enforce.
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Data privacy & sharing

Global organisations are subject to a myriad of data sharing, privacy and governance rules in each country that they operate. Data Watchdog allows you to manage all those rules in one place and enforce them in real time across all your databases around the world.  Make updates or create new rules easily.

Data science & analytics

Using the DNA Catalogue or their own custom user catalogue, users can create new datasets based on any query they wish.  These datasets are globally consistent yet have all the relevant data security applied automatically depending on who is viewing them at any given time.  A user can publish any dataset they create for other colleagues to use as part of their analysis or reporting workflow.

Financial services

Built by leaders in financial services. We understand the complexity of financial regulation. Data Watchdog assists a financial service with compliance of financial regulation around information barriers material non public information, BCBS 239, and many others. Data Watchdog allows you to dynamically restrict data down to the individual or team so you can control data through a live deal.

Human Resources

Human Resources’ data is often the most sensitive data in an organisation. Different jurisdictions restrict what data can be shared around including age, gender, salary, ethnicity and others. Manage all of these restrictions in one place with Data Watchdog.