Here's a few reasons why we think
we're best suited to solve your data problems...

Centralised Governance

Frictionless dynamic governance from a centralised portal.

Instantly apply policies across any segment of your data estate.

Eliminate lengthy approval processes.

Effortless Supervision

Data Governors can receive automatic notifications when rules are applied.

Automated Governance Procedures

Configure data access rules at the individual user or group level; if a user changes roles, governance automagically follows.

If Bob moves from Sales to Marketing, his access moves too.

Bypass Digital Transformation Projects

No multi-million pound digital transformation just to access data you already own.

Replace the web of Data Management Tools

No more layers of seperate tools across data discovery, cataloguing, policy enforcement and data access. Just one, end-to-end tool.

Get the complete picture of your data. Identify under-utilised data assets and save millions every year in data management costs

Simple Search

Access data across any collection of databases with a simple search. No more logging into different systems to find the right source data.

Seamless Access

Access your entire data estate as though it's a single instance.

No Data Duplication

All access and governance runs without the need to create variant-copies, duplicates, or otherwise migrate data to a new environment.

Intelligent AI Tagging

Let machine learning speed up your metadata tagging process, and improve discoverability of data assets in your searches.

Turbocharge your Cyber Security

Logging and monitoring for all queries through the Data Now environment.

Secure Assets

View governance rules being applied to user actions in real-time.

Monitor logging to ensure rules are kept up to date.

Too good to be true?

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